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JaMya B.

Why did you choose computer science?


Technology & computers have always been fascinating to me. The moment I knew I wanted to pursue the program is when I realized that it is way more to a computer's structure than just the internet.

This started to unfold when I took an entry level digital & web design course as an elective in high school. We were taught basic programming & script writing for websites & programs. It was difficult at first, since we were basically learning another language, but seeing something you created come to life was a very satisfying feeling. The following semester, I had the opportunity to to become Microsoft & Adobe Certified with a course centered on Adobe photo editing & the entire Microsoft Office Suite.Each and every semester after that I exposed myself to the different aspects of technology that can be created and/or managed on a computer.


Before then I felt like I was the only student who did not know what I wanted to do after I graduated. It was overwhelming and I knew my childhood dreams of being an astronaut were further away than I thought. However, exposing myself to different parts of a computer whether it was hardware components, software systems, or even networking was healthy. For me it proved that there are a million and more opportunities when it comes to computer science, or even life in general. I had to just find my thing.


Major: Computer Science

College: Valencia

Career: Apple, Mac O.S. (Operating System) Senior Advisor

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