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Image by Riz Mooney


Actor & POet

Mustafa Shakir

Mustafa Shakir is arguably among the most dynamic and inventive of world-class actors.  He is fast becoming one of the freshest and most-in demand faces in Hollywood known for his delivery of intense and captivating performances. Shakir has created a gallery of memorable characters since catapulting to the screen as Gannon in the 2005 Olatunde Osunsanmi (Fourth Kind, Smoking Aces, Minority Report) directed film The Cavern. Recently, he has landed a role on the Netflix series, “Luke Cage” as Bushmaster - portraying a wise quick and savvy supervillan from the Caribbean Islands. & More

Shakir’s career does more than span film and television.  His wealth of talent encompasses many art forms beyond film and television.  He pools inspiration from hip-hop, dance, culture, film, photography, fashion, philosophy and writing.   Growing up, Shakir used the written word to process his emotional impressions.  His love of poetry led him to rapping with three albums under his belt: “HolyWar,” “Chameleon” and “Diemind: god the carbon copy,” along with a partnership with Candice Anitra and “The Love Machine Project.”  It doesn’t stop there!  He is developing a one-man experience called XII: SpokenYouniverse, based on a multi-character spoken word journey through consciousness.  The experience is being produced by Russell Simmons for All Def Digital’s poetry Vertical.

Mustafa Shakir

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