Name: Ivana Marshall

Major: Leadership & International Studies

Concentration: World Politics & Diplomacy 

University of Richmond

Name: Paul Bryant 

Major:  Law 

Columbia University

Name: Justin Shaifer

Major: Marine and Enviromental Science

Hampton University

Name: Sarah Kleinhample

Major: ​Psychology

Concentration:Business Leadership 

Virginia Tech University 

Name: Trey Williams

Major: Electrical Engineering Tech

Minor: Engineering Management 

Old Dominion University


"I chose my major (Psychology) because I find people fascinating"

" I chose my major (Psychology) because I was interested in human motivations and what elements in the psyche caused people to behave certain ways."

"I chose my major (Law) because the law intersects and influences every facet of society."

-SSU Member, Paul Bryant 

"I chose my major (Political Science)  because I wanted to impact the world through policy and service ."

-SocialSocietyU, Founder- Sianni Cabello

" College is way different than high school, it requires  a different level of studying. You've really got to apply yourself and find what best works for you."
" You may not love all of your classes, but just remember that its getting you to where you want to be."

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