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meet individuals from diverse background who made it to their version of success



Chaz Smith is a social media influencer who makes content on YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook. He creates a variety of comedic, inspirational, and faith-based videos, some of which have gone viral.

He currently lives in LA, and desires to have a long career in entertainment producing wholesome, yet impactful content.




Technology & computers have always been fascinating to me. The moment I knew I wanted to pursue the program is when I realized that it is way more to a computer's structure than just the internet. This started to unfold when I took an entry level digital & web design course as an elective in high school. We were taught basic programming & script writing for websites & programs. It was difficult at first, since we were basically learning another language, but seeing something you created come to life was a very satisfying feeling. The following semester, I had the opportunity to to become Microsoft & Adobe Certified with a course centered on Adobe photo editing & the entire Microsoft Office Suite.Each and every semester after that I exposed myself to the different aspects of technology that can be created and/or managed on a computer.


Before then I felt like I was the only student who did not know what I wanted to do after I graduated. It was overwhelming and I knew my childhood dreams of being an astronaut were further away than I thought. However, exposing myself to different parts of a computer whether it was hardware components, software systems, or even networking was healthy. For me it proved that there are a million and more opportunities when it comes to computer science, or even life in general. I had to just find my thing.


Major: Computer Science

College: Valencia

Career: Apple, Mac O.S. (Operating System) Senior Advisor


designer of the month

Stanton's character as a person is reflected within each design. The prestigious but "smooth" look of the signature style kimonos reflect the principles of Stanton by showing structure, cleanliness, cut and sew precision all while bringing a luxury feel and interpretation to the native Japanese garment.  Somniis (soom-niece) the Latin word meaning "dreams", is based on Stanton's life purpose, which is to bring God glory to everything that he does. It's just that simple.  Haute Couture is a much-misused phrase that has very specific rules for qualification. Translated literally, couture is French for dressmaking, while haute means high.

Somniis Collection | "Calm Minds" NOW AVAILABLE at "The Bowery Bond" (Bowery St. NOHO, NYC, 10012)

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