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Career Mentorship

We Provide Career Guidance for Students Not Heading for College

If you or someone you care about can benefit from career mentorship, you should sign up with one of our top programs at SocialSocietyU. We provide a variety of opportunities for career minded youth that are not going to attend college. We want to give them the tools and support they need to pursue their dreams and become well rounded professionals. We incorporate the assistance of high achieving individuals who can impart their knowledge and encourage a love for learning and desire to be driven to accomplish their set goals. To learn more about how you can sign up for career mentorship programs and more, reach out to one of our representatives and get started today. We want to be the support students need to get where they need to be.

Deciding which career path to choose when students that are not college bound can be a challenge. Many youths aren't sure which career would be the right fit for them or don't know what their area of focus should be when thinking about a major. That is where SocialSocietyU can help. We offer programs and tools such as a college major mentor to help them figure out what they want to major in at college and which college they want to attend to reach that goal. Our mentors are high achieving individuals who can provide the student with the information and motivation they need to decide on the best steps that fits their interests and would benefit their career of choice. They can also assist them in deciding which colleges would be beneficial for their chosen career goals.

At SocialSocietyU, we offer a wide range of opportunities and programs for youth that do not intend to go on to college. One of the most useful programs we offer are networking workshops. We teach vital skills to youth to help them learn how to harness opportunities and connect with the right people to help them reach goals and create contacts that will assist them in the future. If you or someone you know could benefit from a networking workshop, reach out to one of our team members who can help you get more details about how to sign up or any of the other great programs and opportunities we have to offer students. Our goal is to help students realize their potential and offer them the support and services they need to get where they need to be in life.

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